Cave with oak tree

Exterior In the surroundings of the village Bemelen you can find lots of marvel caves. This one has […]

Maankwartier (‘Moonquarter’)

Exterior Maankwartier is completely different. A definite must-see when visiting South Limburg. It is Heerlen’s new train and […]

Erenstein Castle

Exterior The 14th century Erenstein Castle is built around two perpendicular axes, with most areas still original and […]


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Velvet cave with murals

Interior The Velvet Cave in Valkenburg has many secrets. You can find inscriptions, murals and sculptures. The cave […]

Colored houses in city of Vaals

Exterior These cozy colored houses in the city centre of Vaals are one of a kind.

Watchtower in landscape

Exterior Close to the point where the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany meet this watchtower offers you stunning views […]

Romantic park in the city

Exterior City centers can be loud, noisy and dirty. What is better than to escape from all of […]

Modern business building

Exterior and Interior In the heart of Maastricht city centre, the municipality office is located at Mosae Forum 10. The […]

Modern bridge with appartments

Exterior This modern bridge crosses the Meuse river (‘Maas’) in the centre of Maastricht. It connects the old […]

Screaming stone

Exterior In the theme park Mondo Verde you can find a sculpture forest which functions as a dream- […]

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