Tree lined canals in the sunlight

Exterior Griendtsveen is built along the railway between Venlo and Eindhoven, and the village, located in the nature […]

Night vision on Maastricht river

Exterior The grand Meuse river runs through the heart of the city of Maastricht. On the right bank […]

Landscape of the mountain Fromberg

Exterior The small village of Fromberg is part of the bigger village Voerendaal; approximately 45 people live there. […]


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Exterior of Basilica, Sittard

Exterior The basilica of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart was built in neogothic style. Neogothic is the […]

Camping with a view in Limburg

Exterior In the Limburgian village Schin op Geul one can find the beautiful Vinkenhof camping. It offers a […]

Limburg or Tuscany Mergelland route

Exterior The Mergelland route came into life in the 1960’s, when the car as a means of transport […]

Dominicanen Church Maastricht

Interior The Dominicanen church was built in the 13th century, in typical gothic fashion, and originally meant to […]

Dock stations in Meuse River Maastricht

Exterior Small docks on the Meuse River with the St. Servatius bridge and the wonderful Maastricht cityscape in […]

Castle Wittem

Exterior The village of Wittem is located halfway between Maastricht and Aachen, two very important cities in the […]

Castle Limbricht

Exterior The Limbricht castle, located on the border of a forest, is a so-called motte castle, meaning that […]

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