Giant of the Apennines in the folies forest of Parc Mondo Verde

Exterior in the folies forest of Parc Mondo Verde one can find the 4 meter high giant of […]

Saint Lambert Church Maastricht

Exterior The Sint-Lambertuskerk is a monumental church building on the edge of the center of the Dutch city […]

Small beach at Meuse river Arcen

Exterior Cute little beach in a cove of the Meuse river near Arcen.


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Lonely roads in Dutch landscape South Limburg

Exterior Lonely road leading through a desolate South Limburg hill landscape. Perfect for contemplating and reflecting life when […]

Gennep City Hall

Exterior From the air one can see that Gennep is a town that dates from medieval times. It […]

Genhoes Beek

Exterior In the beautiful, lush parc of the village of Beek, the beautiful, stately Genhoes is built.

Devil’s Cave Maastricht

Exterior The Devil’s Cave is one of virtually hundreds of limestone quarries in Limburg. Most of the caverns […]

Castle Mheer

Exterior A ‘stone house’ at this site was first mentioned in 1314. It was probably built long before […]

Castle Het Steenen Huys Vlodrop

Exterior Castle Het Steenen Huys Vlodrop is built in 1290. The current building is built in 1644. It […]

Castle Herkenbosch

Exterior Castle Herkenbosch is probably built somewhere early in the 14th century; in 1326 it was first mentioned […]

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