How far do you have to go physically and psychologically as an Olympic skateboarder?
In this documentary we follow Candy Jacobs, who struggles with osteoarthritis and an inferiority complex, on her hunt for a medal at the 2021 Olympics.

Type: feature documentary
Length: 70 minutes
Production company: Ruud Lenssen Documentaires
Year: 2022, funded by the regulation ‘Realisatie – Lang (Spring 2021)’.
Shot in: –


In Candy: A Skater’s Mind we follow Candy in preparation for the Olympics. We see her falling down and getting up again, constantly improving her tricks. The Olympics should be the highlight of her career; she will not settle for less than a medal. But beneath the surface of her tough exterior are deep feelings of insecurity. These feelings force her to demand the utmost of herself and have propelled her career. But the question is whether her self-made armor will remain whole under the immense pressure, on her way to the climax of her career.

Cast & crew

Director: Ruud Lenssen
Producer: Ruud Lenssen
Writer: Ruud Lenssen
Cast: Candy Jacobs