How far do you have to go physically and psychologically as an Olympic skateboarder?
In this documentary we follow Candy Jacobs, who struggles with osteoarthritis and an inferiority complex, on her hunt for a medal at the 2021 Olympics.

Type: feature documentary
Length: 70 minutes
Production company: Ruud Lenssen Documentaires
Year: 2022, funded by the regulation ‘Realisatie – Lang (Spring 2021)’.
Shot in: Venlo, amongst other places


Candy: A Skater’s Mind gives an intimate insight in to the world of Candy Jacobs: Europe’s best female skateboarder who despite her insecurities and injured knees, is on her way to realize her Olympic dream. Skateboarding is Candy’s life. When she’s on her board she experiences a ‘rush’. A state of mind in which she finds peace and can be who she truly is. She is addicted to skateboarding and that has a self-destructive downside. What will happen when Candy can’t skate in result of a severe knee injury? And how will she cope with herself when the ultimate disaster strikes?

Cast & crew

Director: Ruud Lenssen
Producer: Ruud Lenssen
Writer: Ruud Lenssen
Cast: Candy Jacobs