After giving birth to her stillborn baby, Saar flees into that which could have been her future. When the safe delusion is overtaken by harsh reality, it seems unbearable.

Type: short film
Length: 10 minutes
Production company: Eye Movement Media
Year: 2022, funded by the regulation ‘Realisatie – Kort (najaar 2021)’.
Shot in: Valkenburg


Saar and Tim at first sight a nice couple like any other. A cozy decorated house, a beautiful baby’s room, all set up to enter a new phase together. Saar seems like a gentle mother to her newborn baby. Nothing seems to stand in the way of their fledgling happiness, but more and more often Saar struggles with nightmares and uncontrollable feelings of loss. Saar dreams about her baby and that she loses it again and again. Also in her reality these feelings and thoughts seem to take over more and more. She tries to keep Ole close to her, but becomes confused and inexplicably loses her baby. Tim tries to get a grip on life by dealing with the situation in a concrete, practical and solution-oriented way. Where Saar mainly spends her time upstairs, as close to her child as possible, Tim is downstairs. They live on two separate islands that barely touch. Tim is concerned about Saar’s mental health and wants everything to go back to how it was before the birth. He decides it’s time to clean up the baby’s room, Saar’s world is rudely disrupted. There is no place for her and the newborn baby, with the stroller in front of her she flees. Far away from the father who obviously does not want the child. Saar, who has mainly lived in her safe cocoon, is overwhelmed with images and sounds as she searches for her route across the street. All the impressions of reality seem to overwhelm her, when she stands in front of a busy intersection she loses control of her stroller and it collides head-on with a passing car. Bystanders are not far away and come to Saar’s aid. No one finds any trace of the baby. Then the truth dawns on Saar….

Cast & crew

Director: Jet Kragt
Producer: Serge Janssen
Writer: Jet Kragt
Cast: Lindsay Zwaan