Karo runs away from home because her quarreling parents want to divorce. She travels with her circus friends Victor and Tonie of Circus Noël, who can participate unexpectedly in Cultura Nova, an important circus festival.

Type: feature film
Length: 90 min.
Production company: 
Phanta Basta!
Shot in: Heerlen


When she hears that her parents want to divorce her, twelve-year-old Karo flees home and secretly joins Circus Noël, where her friends Tonie and Victor work. This sequel to the AVROTROS youth series of the same name can be followed without prior knowledge, although newcomers are not given much time to get to know the characters. The screenplay exudes something easy-going anyway, with unnatural dialogues, strange twists and a big circus finale that is rushed out in a minute. Only the actors give the whole thing some charm.

Cast & crew

Director: Dennis Bots
Producer: Michiel Bartels, Petra Goedings, Danielle Raaphorst, Harro van Staverden
Writer: Karen van Holst Pellekaan, Anjali Taneja
Cast: Luna Wijnands, Tygo Gernandt, Rick Paul van Mulligen