In this alternately endearing and absurdist sketch, a bachelor desperately tries to fulfill his mother’s last wish: to become a grandma.

Type: short film
Length: 15 min.
Production company: 
La Gata Productions
Shot in: Heerlen


As a transport supervisor for special transports, he is used to hectic situations. But as a bachelor of forty-plus still living with your mother, that’s starting to get tricky. “They are talking about you,” she confides to him tellingly. Her greatest wish is to become a grandmother, and now that she claims to be dying soon, the tension in the house is becoming palpable. Should he look for a wife, preferably with children? But how? Then a mistake at the photo store provides an unexpected twist in this absurdist-tinged tragicomedy.

Cast & crew

Director: Genio de Groot
Producer: Anna Demianenko
Writer: Mark van Seggelen
Cast: Godelieve de Groot, Meral Polat, Michel Sluysmans