An authority-fearing executioner torments an alleged witch to obtain a confession. But what is his duty if she turns out to be innocent after all?

Type: short film
Length: –
Production company: Martijn Daamen
Year: 2022, funded by the regulation for short films (2019).
Shot in: –


A woman who is tortured to obtain a confession, determinedly insists on the truth. An executioner who has serious doubts about the course of justice is too afraid to act on his own judgment. Indifferent, corrupt and ruthless rulers, who carelessly decide on life and death.

De Beul van Entgen Luyten is a short, intense drama set in the Limbricht of 1674. With this true story, we search with a contemporary eye for what really could have happened at this dark moment in history.

Cast & crew

Director: Gideon van Eeden
Producer: Martijn Daamen
Writer: Gideon van Eeden