Dylan is very successful at running his own lunchroom and YouTube channel. Then IJsbrand comes into his life and copies everything he does. Dylan decides to get to the bottom of this and puts fame and friendship at risk.

Type: feature film
Length: 80 min.
Production company: 
Shot in: Venray


Dylan has got everything going for him; he’s got a successful YouTube channel, his own toastie business and a great team: Rick, Teun and Marit. There is only one kink in his chain: IJsbrand. He is also a YouTuber who reproduces almost every video Dylan makes, only much better. Lately, IJsbrand has been extremely quick uploading his videos, so quick that it’s becoming suspicious. Dylan goes to investigate with Teun and uncovers IJsbrand’s secret. They decide to give his secret a try too. It seems like the perfect solution, but things go very differently than planned. Friendship and love are put to the test and Dylan has to pull out all the stops to prevent losing his friends and success.

Cast & crew

Director: Dylan Haegens, Bas van Teylingen
Producer: Edvard van ’t Wout
Writer: Michiel Peereboom
Cast: Dylan Haegens, Marit Brugman, Teun Peters, Rick Vermeulen