Will Limburgian wind orchestras survive the corona crisis?

Type: short documentary
Length: 26 minutes
Production company: Math Nilwik BV
Year: 2020, funded by the regulation ‘Realisatie – Limburg Doc (2020)’.
Shot in: Kerkrade, Roermond, Koningsbosch, Buchten


This documentary tells about the influence of the corona crisis on the activities of fanfare St. Jozef, from the Limburgian village of Buchten. It’s a downward spiral, as intimate portrayals of involved people show: as they have to sell their instruments, former members Suzanne Welters and Harrie Coolen have a bad feeling. Artistic director of the ‘Wereld Muziek Concours’ (World Music Contest), Björn Bus, explains why the WMC has been postponed for 2 years, whereas composer Hardy Mertens explains what a ’tacet’ means. He also shares his vision of the future. Professional trumpet player Ruud Breuls indicates the importance of the existence of wind music and its development after this crisis. Romano Diederen, student at the Maastricht Conservatory, explains how he deals with his free time.

Cast & crew

Producer: Math Nilwik
Director: Math Nilwik & Emil Szarkowicz
Editor: Emil Szarkowicz
Camera: Michiel Simonis, Harry van de Westelaken, Jaap van Willigen
Audio: Jo Smeets
Graphics: Hein Mastenbroek
Special Effects: André Heijnen
Editing: Math Nilwik
Editor-in-chief: Leo Hauben