6 year old Emma wants to buy love for her divorcing parents. She goes looking for a prostitute, thinking one can buy love from a prostitute.

Type: short film
Length: 10 minutes
Production company: C Amazing Films
Year: 2022, funded by the regulation ‘Realisatie – Kort (2020)’.
Shot in: –


Emma (6) has a problem. Her parents are constantly fighting. Every time they start yelling at each other, Emma flees into her colorful drawings, a place where everything is under control. One day, as if by magic, a solution falls from the sky. During one of their fights, her father calls her mother a whore; after Emma starts researching the term, she finds out that a prostitute is someone you can buy love from. This makes perfect sense to Emma, you go to the bakery to buy bread, to a library to get books and if you don’t have love, you just go buy some from a prostitute. Fortunately, Emma is pretty smart and, in addition to all the boobs appearing on her laptop, she also sees a colorful-looking ad with an address. What follows is a road trip of a little girl traveling to buy love.

Cast & crew

Director: Nicole Jachmann
Producer: Charlotte Driessen
Writer: Nicole Jachmann
Cast: Christine Julia Olsthoorn