A musician duo looking for a successful start to their career after the outbreak of a global pandemic. The urge to prove their selves has never been greater.

Type: short documentary
Length: 36 minutes
Production company: Sammy Wisniewski
Year: 2021, funded by the regulation ‘Realisatie – Limburg Doc (2020)’.
Shot in: Maastricht, Beek


Jessica Kulka and Frederik Tings have been making their own music for a while. A global pandemic breaks out just as they are about to go live with their music. They continue to develop their work, but there is an enormous urge to prove them selves. Why is the urge to prove themselves so great?

Cast & crew

Director: Jessica Kulka
Producer: Sammy Wisniewski
Writer: Jessica Kulka
Cast: Jessica Kulka, Frederik Tings, Heidi Pittie, Susanna Kulka.