In this crime comedy, three adult, unlucky women have been working at a dull holiday park for decades. To yet realise their dreams, they decide to blackmail their criminal manager.

Type: feature film
Length: 100 min.
Production company:
Shot in: Gulpen-Wittem


In the boring vacation park De Lusthove, three women are more than fed up with their lives. They decide to blackmail the criminal park manager to earn enough money for a new life. Their boss turns out to be a formidable opponent and hires two low-budget hit men to find his blackmailers. The women must pull out all the stops to survive.

Cast & crew

Director: Anne de Clercq
Producer: Bobby Boermans, Robin de Levita
Writer: Anne de Clercq, Elle van Rijn
Cast: Lies Visschedijk, Anne-Marie Jung, Eva van der Gucht