Nathalie and her daughter Julie fight out their differences and mentally expose each other during a frantic car ride.

Type: short film
Length: 8 minutes
Production company: Reeled In
Year: 2022, funded by the regulation ‘Realisatie – Kort (Spring 2021)’.
Shot in: –


The story revolves around Nathalie, an exhausted single mother trying to make ends meet and her rebellious but vulnerable teenage daughter Julie. Nathalie does her best to raise Julie well, but doesn’t know how to communicate with her. Julie constantly pushes her mother away and is extremely defensive of everything her mother says. After Nathalie picks up her daughter from mall security because she was caught during petty theft, they drive home. They get into an argument that will soon escalate into a violent altercation. Through this argument, they both lash out at each other, but paradoxically speak the hard, cold truth; Julie finally opens up and ruthlessly expresses her frustrations with her mother, her guilt over her mother’s celibacy and her fear of becoming like her. Nathalie collapses, faced with her daughter’s harsh remarks. As anger turns to sadness, Julie admits that she feels lost and unhappy and has nothing to live for. Overwhelmed by her emotions, Julie tries to leave the vehicle. Nathalie tries to stop her causing a mild fight. In this skirmish, the car loses its trajectory; they threaten to crash into a truck. At the last moment, Nathalie manages to pull the vehicle straight. The two women are speechless. Later, the two women stop in a parking lot. Julie clumsily tries to apologize. Nathalie forgives her daughter and promises that things will get better. They go home.

Cast & crew

Director: Marie Lormeau
Producer: Marie Lormeau
Writer: Marie Lormeau
Cast: Valentine Dufloo