March 3, 2017 is etched in the memory of the close-knit community in Blitterswijck. On this day, Wilbert Ingenpass – association man in heart and soul – was found dead in the basement of his own home. By his own children. The police have never been able to find out what happened to Wilbert. Was it a suicide or was he taken to death? The  documentary is about his family. How do you go on when you have no answers. In the film you see the positivity and the resilience of a family who don’t let their lives be controlled by the last day.

Type: feature film
Length: 48 minutes
Production company: 100% Niki
Year: 2022, funded by the regulation ‘Realisatie – LimburgDoc (Spring 2021)’.
Shot in: Blitterswijck


March 3, 2017. The day everything became different. A day that began like all the others. With a cup of tea in the kitchen. A breakfast. A fleeting goodbye. That turned out to be forever. After Jozé had left for her work in Eindhoven Wilbert would also start his working day. But things turned out differently. More than two hours later Wilbert was found by his Wilbert was found by his children. Dead. No clear traces, no witnesses, nothing. The police was puzzled.The most (un)imaginable scenarios were discussed and
investigated. But there was no clarity.

Cast & crew

Director: Niki Janssen
Producer: 100% Niki
Writer: Niki Janssen
Cast: Jozé Ingenpass, Pepijn Ingenpass, Frouke Ingenpass, Stijn Ingenpass