When time is your biggest enemy, and escaping an ordinary life no longer seems to be an option. Self-portrait of a restless overthinker.

Type: short documentary
Length: 40 minutes
Production company: Wanderer Productions
Year: 2021, funded by the regulation ‘Realisatie – Limburg Doc (2020)’.
Shot in: Weert, Swalmen, Someren


Sometimes moving back in with your parents isn’t very comfortable. Like when you’re 36, unemployed and struggling with the COVID19 pandemic and an early midlife crisis. Limbo in Limbo takes you on the internal journey of an overthinker who sees time as her biggest enemy, especially when escaping reality no longer seems to be an option. A self-portrait of a self-critic pur sang.

Cast & crew

Director: Yvonne Nouwen
Producer: Wanderer Productions
Writer: Yvonne Nouwen
Cast: Yvonne Nouwen, Margriet Nouwen-Jacobs, Kasper Dijkstra, Timo Dijkstra, Ton Nouwen, Oscar Nouwen, Lara Nouwen, Maaike van der Salm, Marciano