Happy Healing is a black comedy about a world in which data become increasingly sacred.

Type: short film
Length: 14 minutes
Production company: Elbe Stevens Films
Year: 2021, funded by the regulation ‘Realisatie – Kort (2020)’.
Shot in: Maastricht


In Happy Healing we follow Koen Claassens (44), a happy real estate agent who shares his life with his wife Fransien (40) and their child Roy (8). When Koen pays a visit to his house doctor for a futility, the doctor makes a disturbing discovery. Koen is not happy. Koen resists, but the technical equipment of the doctor is relentless. He can simply tell by the data from the scanner and ‘the numbers tell the tale’. Koen has some serious work to do. Will he succeed in achieving the perfect score for happiness?

Cast & crew

Director: Servé Hermans
Producer: Elbe Stevens Films, Toneelgroep Maastricht, Cinesud
Writer: Randy Oost
Cast: Michel Sluysmans, Michiel Blankwaardt, Romy Roelofsen, Marcus Lemon, Jean Ramaekers, Joline Soomers, Huub Stapel, Roos Aerts