Mikey and Davey plan to carry out a subversive action against the capitalist system at Davey’s old workplace.

Type: short film
Length: 15 minutes
Production company: Lucid Pictures
Year: 2022, funded by the regulation ‘Realisatie – Kort (Spring 2021)’.
Shot in: –


Mikey and Davey are already busy in their preparations for their struggle against capitalist oppression. What exactly they want to accomplish s remains pretty vague, even to themselves. But that it has something to do with Davey’s old job as a mortgage broker, a bat and an advanced plan that belies Mission Impossible that’s certain. Plagued by a high degree of paranoia, the preparation of the plan turns out to be quite a job in itself. The continuous distractions and ambiguities that the two call down on each other make it impossible for any part of their plan to succeed.

Cast & crew

Director: Laurens Lenssen
Producer: Wiek Lenssen
Writer: Laurens Lenssen
Cast: Thomas van Kalmthout, Yuri van Kalmthout