Moos’ life is all about taking care of her father. When her old friend Sam comes along, he encourages her to start a life of her own, chasing her dreams.

Type: feature film
Length: 91 min.
Production company:
Kemna & Zonen
Shot in: Maastricht


Moos’ life consists of cooking, cleaning and helping in her father Maup’s textile store. When she sees her childhood friend Sam again after many years, he encourages Moos to pursue her dreams, starting with an audition at the Kleinkunstacademie. However, Moos soon finds out that building a life of her own is not so easy, while Sam meanwhile wonders if his feelings for Moos are anything more than friendly.

Cast & crew

Director: Job Gosschalk
Producer: Kemna & Zonen
Writer: Job Gosschalk, Judith Goudsmit
Cast: Jip Smit, Daniel Cornelissen en Michiel Romeyn