In a medical facility in 1952, a young nurse tries to save a boy with paranormal abilities from the cold-blooded doctors.

Type: short film
Length: 15 min.
Production company: Thomas Spiekhout
Year: 2023, funded by the regulation for short projects (2022).
Shot in: –


In the Our Lady’s institute in 1952 nurse Marielle watches in horror as her senior doctor injects a fatal dose of cyanide in a ten-year-old boy with supernatural powers. A measure that seemed necessary after the death of one of their staff. After the doctor informs Marielle that also Patient 76 will be put to ‘sleep’ because he refuses to take the serotonin XR7 capsules, Marielle rushes off to room 76 to save her favorite patient Damien before the doctor passes by. She tries to persuade him with games and sweets, but the ten-year-old Damien keeps refusing the pills that make him feel ill. The approaching footsteps in the hallway propel the desperate Marielle to take extreme measures, whilst the imprisoned Damien sees an opportunity to escape.

Cast & crew

Director: Karel Konings
Producer: Thomas Spiekhout
Writer: Karel Konings, Alyce Sevink
Cast: Shauni Goetz, Zakaria Tourirou, Ludo Hoogmartens