1743. Poor people are severely suppressed by the ruling power, so they unit in groups and call themselves Buckriders. When Matthijs, captain of the Buckriders, is being arrested, his son Thias is forced to make decisions which will determine his future.

Type: short film
Length: 14 min.
Production company:
Buzz Media, Het Filmhuus
2019, funded by the regulation for short films (2016)
Shot in: Schinveld, Heerlen, Schinnen


South Limburg, 1743. The 16-year-old Thias is a timid, docile boy who is a member of a gang of street children. Led by the tough Hendrik, they roam and steal around Castle Hoensbroek. The citizens see them as children of the devil who were born for gallows and the wheel. This is partly true, because Thias is the son of Mathias Ponts: captain of the Bokkenrijders. He has been arrested and convicted of terrible deeds. When Thias is unjustly ostracized from the group, he decides to make an attempt to ask his father for advice one last time before the death penalty.

Cast & crew

Director: Paul Haans, Jeroen Wielheesen
Producer: Guido Franken
Writer: Martijn Daamen
Cast: Tygo Gernandt, Joes Brauers en Peter Faber