Type: short film
Length: 20 min.
Production company: Kingswood Films, Careof
Year: 2020, funded by the regulation for short films (2019).
Shot in: –


Maastricht, 7th February, 2032. Forty years after the signing of the treaty to found the European Union, the three remaining members of EU meet again in the Dutch city – in the exact same room as 1992 – to sign a new treaty to permanently shut the European project down, its common government and currency, the Community and its Union. An interpreter, from her translation booth above the room – aware of the film viewers – filters History in the making, switching History with capital H, into a simple family story, triggering the three politicians dialogues into an absurd mise-en-scene.

Cast & crew

Director: Giulio Squillacciotti
Producer: Careof, Kingswood Films
Writer: Daan Milius, Giulio Squillacciotti, Huib Haye van der Werf
Cast: Anna Brooks-Beckman, Janneke Remmers