Jonas visits his father Arend after a long time. Jonas is startled when his father is almost unrecognizable. Has he deteriorated badly or has something taken possession of him?

Type: short film
Length: 15 minutes
Production company: ALP
Year: 2021, funded by the regulation ‘Realisatie – Kort (2020)’.
Shot in: Geulle


After his father suffers a rapid decline both mentally and physically under puzzling circumstances, Jonas pays him a visit in the dark woods. Jonas is shocked to see his father and as the evening progresses, the situation begins to frighten him: the wounds on his father’s arm, the boarded-up barn, his father’s desperate attempts to say something…

Cast & crew

Director: Niels Bourgonje
Producer: ALP
Writer: Bastiaan Tichler
Cast: Sanne den Hartogh, Peggy Vrijens, Jack Wouterse